Siam Voices series: 28 weeks later in post-coup Thailand

Over the past seven days, the Siam Voices team (including yours truly) ran a week-long series of articles on 6 months after the military coup of May 22, 2014. Here are the links to all the parts:

Introduction: 28 weeks later in post-coup Thailand by Saksith Saiyasombut
Part 1: Economic stability comes at a cost under Thailand’s military junta
Part 2: Prayuth, censorship and the media in post-coup Thailand
Part 3: An education fit for a zombie? 
by Jack Radcliffe
Part 4: Are Thai people really happy after the coup? 
by Thitipol Panyalimpanun
Part 5: Thailand’s junta and the war on corruption
Part 6: PDRC myths and Thailand’s privileged ‘new generation’ 
by Chan Nilgianskul
Part 7: Thailand tourism down, but not out
Part 8: Education reform in Thailand under the junta
by Daniel Maxwell
Part 9: 28 weeks later in post-coup Thailand: Some personal thoughts 
by Saksith Saiyasombut