Thai Buddhist cult claims to know afterlife of Steve Jobs

3 thoughts on “Thai Buddhist cult claims to know afterlife of Steve Jobs”

  1. The Abbot hasn’t said or picture Yak,like guardian Buddhist temples in Thailand. People tend to re-write in the wrong way base on their attitude against this temple which I’ve been following this abbot and activities more than 20 years and much deeper respect every day because monks in this temple are very disciplines than other temples in Thailand..

    People who is negative toward this temple has never been to this temple or even other temples…I think it’s wrong if you don’t know them well and criticized them based how you feel from outside.. should take time to know them better then you can write about them.

    I hate Santi Asoke, they are not real and they are always used by the so-called leader who is anti- government,they should not involved in politic instead of finding peace…

  2. They are a cult,they’re practicing the regular Buddhist follow Lord of Buddha!!nothing wrong about it..

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