Video: ‘Challenging the Sovereign Narrative’ – (Social) Media in the Thai Political Crisis

One thought on “Video: ‘Challenging the Sovereign Narrative’ – (Social) Media in the Thai Political Crisis”

  1. Many thanks for this clear and concise explanation of how the media mix in Thailand tends towards the prevailing establishment (even, amazingly, when it changes sides – though I can see why). What I don’t quite understand, though, is that from my reading of a few Thai history books it seems that the monarchy has been a democratising influence and has in living memory prevented virtual civil wars by timely intervention. There are also many monarchy-sponsored social charities, environmental schemes and so-on. Why then do successive governments assume that those requiring political reform would also wish to overthrow the monarchy? Here in the UK we have a good media mix, a lot of freedom of expression and a popular monarchy. Or are the Lese Majeste laws simply there to silence political inconvenience regardless of whether or not the monarchy is mentioned?

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