What I’ve been up to lately… (aka Shameless Self-Plugging)

Phew, what a week that was!

As regular readers of my blog know, I do not write too many exclusive posts for my personal blog here. Most of the time, all the posts I write for Siam Voices are being republished here and form time to time I post a personal column almost every sixth month – so since my last one was a recap of 2010, a new one is overdue. And you came around at the right time, because there’s a lot to tell you about the last few days and weeks…

So, even the last person must have recognized that I’m in Bangkok right now, where I’ll spent nearly all of this summer working (as a journalist), researching (for my final thesis) and if there’s still time for some little fun (for my own sanity). The first two weeks of my stay so far has been almost entirely work-centric – there was an election nonetheless!

So here’s a list of posts I’ve written or other things I’ve been involved in (Note: This post, among other articles, should have gone up long, long time ago. Apologies!):

Siam Voices/Asian Correspondent – June 24, 2011
Thailand’s Democrat Party rally: Reclaiming (the truth about) Rajaprasong
A field report from the Democrat’s rally at Rajaprasong, the same place where over a year ago the red shirts seized. Deputy prime minister Suthep Tuangsaban wanted to show ‘the truth’ about what happened during the violent clashes a year ago, while prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva warns people that a vote for the opposition Pheu Thai Party is a vote for Thaksin.

Siam Voices/Asian Correspondent – June 27, 2011
‘Justice Delayed, Justice Denied’ – A public seminar on last year’s violence and what has (not) happened since
As an interesting contrast to the Rajaprasong rally by the Democrat Party, this public forum at Thammasat University has several speeches on what has (not) happened ever since the violent crackdown on the protests. Spoiler: Not much…

Thaizeit.de – June 29, 2011
Wir sind ein gespaltenes Land” (“We are a devided country”)
A Thailand-based, German language website conducted an interview with me about the current political situation. I particularly like the description “Thai-hanseatic” and my answer to the last question (if necessary, put through a translator).

Siam Voices/Asian Correspondent – July 1, 2011
Pheu Thai Party rallies in Nakhon Ratchasima – a photo essay
Another day on the campaign trail, we followed Yingluck Shinawatra to a Pheu Thai Party rally in Nakhon Ratchasima (also known as Korat). I’m surprised that me and my cameraman (I’m on double duty for IHLAS News Agency) were let onto the stage that easily and at the time Yingluck came, there was absolute pandaemonium! After that we were racing to back to Bangkok to be just in time for…

Al Jazeera “The Stream” – June 29, 2011
Thai Elections: Lions, Tigers, and Bears? Vote ‘No’! – Saksith Saiyasombut
Al Jazeera’s new social media-centric show “The Stream” has done an Skype interview with me – at 2.30am (since they’re based in Washington DC!). I’m kind of surprised that they went with the “Vote No” and the animal posters as the lead and my answers concerning social media and Thai politics probably wasn’t what they wanted to hear. This is my third time that I appeared on Al Jazeera program (after appearing on The Listening Post, twice) – can I now be called a ‘regular contributor’…?

CNNgo – June 30, 2011
Saksith Saiyasombut: Get out from under your coconut shell and vote
My first contribution for CNNgo, a lifestyle and travel website, but also always with an eye on the more serious sides of life, including social issues and politics. This column doesn’t go into the details of the political mechanisms, but more my feelings about this country and where it is heading to, when we’re not careful enough. This piece was done in the same night as the Al Jazeera interview and so was the next piece…

CNNgo – July 3, 2011
Top 10 strange moments of Thailand’s 2011 general election
Top 10-lists always go well as an online article format so I did my very own top 10 of election campaign oddities, and there were many of them this year.

Siam Voices/Asian Correspondent- July 3, 2011
Live-Blog: Thailand Elections 2011
Throughout the whole election day I live-blogged, partly from my mobile phone on a back of a motorcycle, about nearly all aspects of that day.