Thai Culture Minister’s anti-religious-tattoo-on-foreigners-gate redux

2 thoughts on “Thai Culture Minister’s anti-religious-tattoo-on-foreigners-gate redux”

  1. It’s just another instance of the backward direction of Thailand and the idiocy of so many Thai ministers.

    Of course, they should be protecting Thai culture and Thai tradition, but banning things isn’t the right way to do it. Neither is targeting tourists who, let’s face it, bring billions of baht into Thailand every year.

    I’ve lived in Thailand for over a decade and love the country. But, I still shake my head at some of the stupid things that go on here, things that would never happen in any developed country as, there, they would THINK about the possible negative consequences before opening their big gaffs. :)

  2. You can’t have it both ways. Either report them as religious tattoos or “tats”.

    They’re not the same thing which leads us back to the ambiguity of the reporting.

    I have a religious tattoo from Ajarn Noo and my impression from first reports was my skin is illegal. Which is ironic considering how much skin trade goes unreported in Siam.

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