Thailand’s armed forces: Overemphasizing the loyalty

One thought on “Thailand’s armed forces: Overemphasizing the loyalty”

  1. The ban on mentioning the monarchy applies to all the political parties except… the military party.

    When all you have are lemons… make lemonade. Make the Thai military itself the number one campaign issue.

    Slogans like, “Is WAY TOO MUCH enough?!” ought to get some traction.

    If I were running the opposition campaign I’d draw an unbroken line from 19 September 2006 to today and point out how the military has got more and more abusive and demanding over the past four and one half years… and ask Thais to do a little thought experiment, ask yourself the following question :

    Do you think the military will be
    a) less abusive and demanding, or
    b) more abusive and demanding
    if they and their false-front ‘win’ the upcoming election?

    Looking forward to having armies of occupation stationed in Khorat and Chiangmai, are we?
    Looking forward to handing over ALL the money to the military, are we?
    Looking forward to more ‘disloyal’ Thais being prosecuted, are we?
    Looking forward to more ISOC and less law, are we?
    Looking forward to more war on Cambodia, are we?
    Looking forward to more war in the South, are we?


    Then vote the military OUT! and vote us in.

    The more Prayuth stamps and fumes the more everyone will see him and the military for just what they are.

    Politics is about addition, not subtraction.

    I hope Prayuth doesn’t figure that our ’til after he’s subtracted himself right off the stage.

    No worries. Military men only know how to subtract. They train to kill.

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