Thai authorities try to ‘buy’ silence of slain journalist’s sister

2 thoughts on “Thai authorities try to ‘buy’ silence of slain journalist’s sister”

  1. I think you meant the anti-penultimate, or third from last, paragraph as being ‘sensitive’.

    Certainly you are imagining persecution under the much used and abused lèse majesté for even mentioning the paragraph, such is the abject and cowed state of Thais and Thailand under the authoritarian regime it is now suffering.

    But Elisabetta Polenghi’s comments in that paragraph were heart-felt commiseration with HM King Bhumipol Adulyadej for the anguish he must feel on this birthday, so late in his reign, to have seen his subjects and international journalists gunned down in the streets of the kingdom’s capital, yet again; and again, The Regime refusing to take responsibility for their actions.

    It is The Regime that is rightfully lambasted in that paragraph, certainly not HM the King. It is a measure of the instinctive fear now built into the Thai people over the course of the last 18 coups and instances of overturned law that this bunch has now managed to convince the Thai people that criticism of The Regime itself is an act of lèse majesté.

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