EXCLUSIVE: Did Thaksin Really Meet Nelson Mandela? (UPDATE)

22 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Did Thaksin Really Meet Nelson Mandela? (UPDATE)”

  1. I think it’s dericious to talk about it’s true or not about Thaksin. Thai people wake up! Don’t consume the garbage from this government.

  2. Thanks for this. Since you’ve established a dialogue, have you, as a matter of interest, considered following up asking for an indication as to when the meeting took place. e.g last 3 months, last 6 months etc.

  3. I don’t see ANY part of the reply from “Sello Hatang” mention about Khun Thaksin “visited” Mr. Mandela AT ALL. All I can see is that he only “CALL” Mr. Mandela (during his private time) so it’s off record and no photo was taken.

  4. Did u ask them when krub? They may think u mean last time k.Thaksin visited which is not quite recent?:-)

  5. Makes you wonder, again, why the Thai press can’t/won’t put the slightest effort into investigative reporting. Like that guy Strouse who got a big welcome by Thai government for opening a “software” business in Pattaya (of all places). Andrew Drummond dug up that guy’s background – Lord of Porn (ah, now Pattaya makes sense).

  6. So K. Thaksin met Mr. Mandela. Wonder why he also met Mr. Mandela’s ex? Still not answered if these photo’s are real or faked. Maybe only the one with Winnie is real ?

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