Rogue General ‘Seh Daeng’ Sets His Own Red Agenda

11 thoughts on “Rogue General ‘Seh Daeng’ Sets His Own Red Agenda”

  1. I find it disturbing to have the leader of a country call a high-ranking army member a “terrorist mastermind” and the only THREATENING to remove their rank. Of course, the situation doesn’t allow Abhisit for much more than threatening right now but still, it’s a rather empty threat more along the lines “If I could, I would”. I also agree with Leosia about the conflict of interest problem that is generally to be considered a facet of corruption in my opinion.

  2. What makes him untouchable is that the Thai political, legal and financial system do not seem to recognise and act upon conflicts of interest. In a democracy he would have been arrested and prosecuted long ago for his involvement in the protests.

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