Red Shirts Paralyze Central Bangkok, Malls Closed

4 thoughts on “Red Shirts Paralyze Central Bangkok, Malls Closed”

  1. I lived in Bangkok from 2004 to 2007. The poor people from the NE do tend to like Thaksin because he gave them low-interest development loans when he was prime minister, and his (former) telecom company is the only one that provides service in the rural parts of the country. But, this is not the popular uprising it may appear to be to an outsider reading this story. The red-shirt protesters are paid to protest. The going wage was 1,000 baht (USD 30) per day when I left in 2007, according to my Thai friends. They are also paid to vote in the elections — up to 2,500 baht per vote is what I’ve heard from the Thais. This is why Thaksin’s party wins every election. (The other parties buy votes as well; Thaksin and his friends just outspend them.) These protests are a farce.

  2. Just lovely, so predictable, the govt lets them do it, they made it clear since weeks … Everyone has to take blame. Good part being, Whoever considered him- or herself potentially red is most certainly turned off by those actions. That’s hardcore stuff, nothing for the majority. Well done reds. More of the same and you’re buried. Has nothing to do with justice and the end of double standards. This is the path of vengeance – for one man. People get reminded, maybe there was a reason for the coup.

    By the way, whoever didn’t live in Thailand under Thaksin shall think twice before thinking about Thaksins pros and cons.

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